Pollmeier is a member of Germany's Federal Association of Sawmilling and Wood Industries (DeSH) and participates in many joint projects.

Deutsche Säge- und Holzindustrie Bundesverband e.V. (DeSH)

The cluster „Forst & Holz“ (forest & wood), with more than 1 million employees and an annual turnover of approx. 114 billion Euro, belongs to the leading sectors of the German economy. The DeSH (Federal association of the sawmilling and wood-industries), based in Berlin, represents more than 2/3 of the logs being cut in Germany and perceives itself as the lobby for the sawmills and wood industry lending the wood processing companies a political voice. The scope of activities varies from observing and informing the legislative environment to participating in campaigns and controversial debates.

Deutsche Säge- und Holzindustrie Bundesverband e.V. (DeSH)
Dorotheenstraße 54
D-10117 Berlin

Kooperationspartner DeSH

Bündnis Wald & Holz Thüringen

The "Thüringer Bündnis Wald & Holz" (Thuringian alliance of Forest & Wood) is a voluntary association of various important players in the Thuringian forest and wood industry. Common goal is the improvement of both, the public perception and the economical, ecological and social importance of the value chain of wood.

Buendnis Wald Holz Thueringen GmbH

Although being the most densely wooded country of the European Union, the Federal Republic of Germany is using its forestal potential but unsatisfactorily. A large part of the forest area is fragmented into very small partitions. These small private forests are often subject to unfavourable ownership structures. An often unsufficient silvicultural know-how on the part of the owners causes a bad cultivation of the forests, or even none at all, and withdraws these potentials from an ideal cultivation by forestry. It is the aim of the non-profit company (gGmbH) “Wald-wird” to support forest owners in transferring their forests into a well managed forestry care. gGmbH
Büsgenweg 3
73077 Göttingen


INITIATIVE BAYERISCHER UNTERMAIN - Ökoprofit bayrischer Untermain

The aim of Ecoprofit is to realize cost savings due to environmental conservation. The project has been initialized by INITIATIVE BAYERISCHER UNTERMAIN and aims at regional companies.
It provides possibilities to profit from cost savings due to increased energy efficiency and corporate environmental protection. Furthermore the project enables the control of health and safety
and environmental regulations.

Pollmeier sawmill Aschaffenburg received the certificate Ecoprofit
– factory 2010/2011 in June:

Environmental guideline Pollmeier Aschaffenburg GmbH & Co. KG

Förderung der Energieeffizienz und der Nutzung
erneuerbarer Energien in Unternehmen

Auf Basis einer messtechnisch gestützten Situationsanalyse im Furnierschichtholzwerk wurde ein erhebliches Einsparpotenzial durch den Tausch der bestehenden Beleuchtung in den Produktionsbereichen auf LED-Beleuchtung inkl. Tageslichtsensorik und Präsenzsensorik sowie dazugehörigem Managementsystem festgestellt und ein Lichtkonzept zur Umrüstung der Beleuchtungsanlage entwickelt.

Durch die Umstellung des Lichtmanagementsystems können schätzungsweise 30 – 70 % des Energieverbrauchs für die Beleuchtung eingespart werden.

Der empfohlene Austausch der Beleuchtung wurde im III. Quartal 2019 realisiert. Das vom Freistaat Thüringen geförderte Vorhaben wurde durch Mittel der Europäischen Union im Rahmen des Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) kofinanziert.