Pollmeier Sawmill and Laminated Veneer Lumber Plant, Creuzburg

Pollmeier's headquarters and main sawmill are located on the doorstep of the medieval town of Creuzburg, in Thuringia.

Headquarters and parent plant of the Pollmeier sawmills are located next to the medieval town of Creuzburg in Thuringia. Pollmeier employs a staff of 580 members in Creuzburg on premises of 35 hectares.

Next to the sawmill with an annual cutting capacity of 500.000 cubic meters of logs, there is the administration in a modern office building, a guest house for visitors, a park of 3 hectares, inviting employees to relax during their lunch break, and last but not least the wet storage, 900 m long and 100 m wide, accomodating 160.000 cubic metres of beech lumber round logs.

Pollmeier sources its beech lumber logs exclusively from sustainable German forestry, usually within a radius of 150 km. Delivery is carried out by lorry.

In the factory, the beech logs are at first cut to standard lengths and stripped of their bark. Then, each beech log is measured and subsequently the band saw cuts the opening face on all 4 sides of the log. The next working step takes place at the Resaw, the beech logs being moved around in a circle, each time they pass the saw, one beech board is sliced off. Then the beech boards are trimmed, partially cut again and sorted according to thicknesses and lengths. After that, the boards are stacked for kiln-drying. In doing so, only beech boards with the same length and thickness are piled up in bundle and the indivdual layers are separated by aluminium spacers. Then the steaming takes place, followed by kiln-drying in more than 70 steaming-kilning combination chambers. After a kilning process of 10 to 60 days depending on the thickness, the beech boards are destacked presanded on both sides, so that all defects become visible, and manually sorted into 12 different beech lumber grades.

The finished sawn beech lumber is stacked in neat bundles, branded with the Pollmeier logo and shipped by container or lorry to over 1500 customers in more than 70 countries.

The Pollmeier sawmills

In Creuzburg and Aschaffenburg, Pollmeier is running the hardwood sawmills with the highest overall capacity in Europe. At every location, the most modern state-of-the-art technology is efficiently used. In fact, Pollmeier was the first hardwood manufacturer to introduce in its sawmills trend-setting ideas already successfully proven in the automobile industry. With a very respectable result to say the least: a standardized, fully automatic mass production with highest quality standards.

Pollmeier Creuzburg

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