Pollmeier Leimholz GmbH in Rietberg

Pollmeier Leimholz GmbH is the Pollmeier Group's biggest customer. All its products are made exclusively from Pollmeier beechwood.

PEFCEdge glued panels made from beechwood and redheart beechwood by Pollmeier

Pollmeier Leimholz GmbH is a producer of edge-glued panels for the German and European furniture industry and was established in 1987 in Rietberg, eastern part of North Rhine-Westphalia. Located right in the middle of the German furniture industry, Pollmeier quickly became a high-performance partner to processors of solid wood and to producers of solid or partially solid furniture. In the beginning, only softwood was processed, but later American Red Alder and American White Oak were added to production. In the meantime, however, Pollmeier Leimholz GmbH is a manufacturer of top products solely made from beechwood.

Running the complete value-added process - from procuring the logs to delivering the finished panels – is setting standards in terms of management and economy. The high standards we demand from procurement, manufacturing and quality control assure our customers that every shipment of edge glued panels will possess the same consistent high quality standard. This consistency has made us a strong and reliable partner to the furniture industry.

Pollmeier Rietberg

Rüschfeld 131

33397 Rietberg


Tel.: +49 (0) 5244 92050