PEFC chain of custody 3rd party certification

At Pollmeier, we are buying our logs exclusively from forests managed in a sustainable and environment-friendly way - a forest management which at the same time allows for forestry operations, protection of the environment and recreational activity all in one area and ensures that the forests with all of their valuable functions are preserved for future generations. PEFC-certified for your reassurance.

PEFC™ - What is that?

PEFC™ certification is a transparent and independent control system for safeguarding a sustainable and thus exemplary forest cultivation. All forest owners may participate voluntarily. PEFC™ is also a monitoring system for proof of origin: from certified forests via the wood processing companies to the finished product on the shelf. With a certified forest area of over 200 million hectares, PEFC™ is the world’s most widespread forestry seal. Since the foundation of PEFC™ Germany in 1999, over 7 million hectares have been certified – corresponding to about two-thirds of Germany’s total forest area. The most important standards are: promotion of mixed species forestry in accordance with local conditions; ban on clear-cutting; no use of herbicides. Independent certifying companies monitor the compliance with these regulations at regular intervals.

Important independent (forest) certification systems:

PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes)

Advantages of PEFC™:

  • good availability of large volume thanks to comprehensive certification in the forest sector
  • prestigious label
  • relatively unbureaucratic
  • recognition of other systems such as MTTC® and SFI®
  • there is normally no surcharge for certified materials

Disadvantage of PEFC™:

  • less well known amongst end consumers than FSC®

All Pollmeier products are certified to PEFC ™ as a matter of principle.

SFI® (Sustainable Forestry Initiative)

  • most important certification system in the USA and Canada
  •  recognised by PEFC™

MTCC® (Malaysian Timber Certification Council)

  • important certification system in the Asia-Pacific region
  • first certification system for tropical wood which was recognised by the PEFC™

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council)

FSC®-certified products are available from Pollmeier on request FSC® (FSC-C111902).