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Pollmeier Schnittholz Lager


Our timber comes in consistent qualities, graded according to specific applications – with the best value for money for the manufacture of your products.

Entrance area of the community hall in Mellau with structure in BauBuche


With BauBuche, architects, engineers interior designers, furniture designers and craftsmen now have an exceptional material that performs impressively in timber construction, interior finishing and furniture making.

About Pollmeier™ LVL – 2.1E

Pollmeier™ LVL is made in Germany, in Europe’s most modern laminated veneer lumber factory. The beams are exceptionally strong, solid and straight, making them excellent for most primary loadcarrying beam applications.

Leimholzplatten von Pollmeier aus Kernbuche, Vorderseite

Solid Wood Panels

The high standards we demand from procurement, manufacturing and quality control assure our customers that every shipment of edge-glued panels will be of the same high quality. This consistency has made us an important and valued partner to the furniture industry.

Buchenbriketts von Pollmeier

Beech briquettes

Our wood briquettes are also made from beechwood with nothing added. Compared to normal firewood, our beechwood briquettes burn for significantly longer and are therefore an ideal alternative for open fires and wood burners alike.