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Our beechwood comes exclusively from sustainably managed forests in our own region – PEFC-certified for your reassurance.

Pollmeier BauBuche BaumstämmeLumber

Lumber production does not necessarily have a negative effect on climate change – quite the contrary, in fact. Sustainable forest management can actively contribute to climate protection.

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Pollmeier BauBuche BuchenwaldThe beech

For a long time beechwood was neglected in forestry, and was mainly used as firewood. It was not until the mid-19th century that the beech tree was discovered as a source of lumber, and afforestation began. Today it is the most common deciduous tree in Germany, accounting for around 16% of the entire tree population.

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Pollmeier BauBuche - PEFCPEFC proof of origin

Our forests, with all their important functions, must benefit future generations as well as ourselves. We are committed to achieving exactly that – PEFC-certified for your reassurance.

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