LEVO – table and bench set with slim dimensions

With the "LEVO" design, a bench with matching dining table, Moritz Putzier is really building on BauBuche's strengths: exceptional strength with economical use of materials. These characteristics open up completely new dimensions in the world of furniture design.

"Levo" in detail

Designer Moritz Putzier
Photograph Nicola Rehage
Production Carpentry Steinkämper
Material BauBuche Panel,  3.08 m² for 1 table and 2 benches
Other materials Metal brackets made from 8 mm + 6 mm thick steel, powder-coated, solid Pollmeier beech
Dimensions Table: 220 cm x 80 cm x 76 cm;
bench: 165 cm x 40 cm x 47 cm

Update: Pollmeier BauBuche - Levo

The LEVO dining table made of BauBuche has been awarded the German Design Award 2017 in the category "material and surfaces"

The design of the furniture set makes a feature of the various contrasts: geometric shapes meet filigree elements, while the combination of colours and materials creates exciting details and discontinuities.

The focus of the design draft is the table-top and the seats, which are made from BauBuche Panel. With this material, the veneers are vertical to the surface, creating a particularly elegant and vital look. And even the table-top thickness is immediately noticeable: with tapering at the sides and a maximum thickness of 26 mm in the centre, it looks as though the table-top is almost too thin for its purpose. But its high load-bearing capacity makes BauBuche sturdy and resilient even in slender and filigree forms.

The table legs are also made from beechwood, with opaque varnishing. Fine metal elements in contrasting colours act as connecting pieces between the legs and the table-top, and disappear so subtly that it looks as though the table-top is floating. Indeed, this is where the name of the design comes from: "LEVO" comes from the Latin for "I elevate".
"LEVO" will be presented at the 2016 Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt.

About the designer:

Moritz Putzier is 29 years old and works in Bremen, Germany, as a product designer. After receiving his diploma in Industrial Design, Putzier started up his own business and has already received numerous awards for his designs, such as the 2014 Interieur Award and the first prize in the 2015 Pure Talents Contest. Putzier is currently a finalist in the "Newcomer" category of the German Design Award, which will be awarded in 2016.
An in-depth interview and additional images can be found in our MAGAZINE.

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