Production hall with office annex

Alpiger Holzbau AG in Switzerland built a new production hall with adjacent planning office. While most of the roof construction is in spruce, all components exposed to high loads are made in BauBuche. Both the crane tracks (30t and 5t) and the columns supporting the main beams carrying the crane tracks are made from BauBuche GL70.

"Production hall" in detail

Proprietor Alpiger Holzbau AG
Location Sennwald, Switzerland
Architect / joinery / photographs Alpiger Holzbau AG
Area 2772 m²
Production hall 31.5m x 75.2m; eaves height: 11,5m; pitch height: 14.65m
Office building       31.5m x 7.3m (4-storey timber construction with escape route, timber stairwell and lattice girder spanning two floors)
BauBuche material 85.5m³ BauBuche GL70 beams (hall) and 8.5m³ BauBuche GL70 beam (office)

The office building is attached to the front side of the hall and features a BauBuche lattice girder spanning across two floors above the hall entrance. Inside the building, the lattice girder construction is exposed. To enhance the look of new space, the elements are oiled in white and attached to each other by means of concealed BSB connectors.

When choosing the materials for this project, Alpiger Holzbau AG was won over by the excellent strength properties of BauBuche, which allowed for a construction with small cross-sections and elegant elements in the attractive BauBuche finish. 

"BauBuche opens up new opportunities in timber construction – especially when it comes to hall structures and multi-storey buildings. The material properties and unique look of BauBuche allow for innovative architectural designs, and BauBuche is now a really attractive substitute for steel girders. I think that BauBuche is an ingenious material – enabling us to design supporting structures in timber where using this natural material was previously not an option."
Managing Director Daniel Alpiger

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