Beech – The most important European Hardwood


The European Beech grows about 120 years to reach its harvesting age. Therefore the Beech timber is especially strong, durable and beautiful. Due to this reason, European Beech has a very long history as high quality furniture wood use widely in Europe.


Due to the European climate with distinct seasons, the beech tree grows slowly with a dense year ring structure which eventually becomes the major attribution of the European Beech wood’s beautiful appearances.


While Rubberwood is usually treated with chemicals before it could be used as sawn timber for making furniture, Pollmeier German Beech is 100% natural!

100% Natural

Pollmeier German Beech is 100% natural. In the process, it treated with water, heat and air only - 100% natural without chemical added. Therefore, Pollmeier German Beech is even suitable for making baby toys, applications with direct food contact and dining furniture sets.



Pollmeier German Beech is sources purely from German forests with more than 300 years of history in sustainability by the German strict forest management program  - until today. The international and well trusted PEFC certification is a further proof of Pollmeier German Beech as a sustainable and environmental friendly wood material for furniture making.


Enjoy your Safe, Environmental Friendly & High Quality Beech wood furniture --- product made from Pollmeier German Beech !


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