Roof design for hall renovation

The material chosen by carpentry firm Schlag & Pröbstl, based at Herschbach in Germany's Oberwesterwald region, for renovating its trimming hall was beech laminated veneer lumber. In this project, the beams were required to do more than simply replace the existing trusses, with a 13 m span. Firstly, the roof overhang was increased to 3 m at the front of the hall, and secondly the plan was to install a photovoltaic system on the gently sloping monopitch roof.

About the reference:

Client Carpentry Schlag & Pröbstl, Herschbach
Photography Holzbaucluster Rhineland-Palatinate,
Mr Pohlmeyer
Planning Carpentry Schlag & Pröbstl, Herschbach
Length of Beams 16,85 m
Implementation May 2015


The reduction in truss height that was achieved made it possible to utilise the height of the hall more efficiently for production and transportation.

In the area of the roof overhang, the trusses required additional protection because they are partially exposed to the weather (Service class 2: covered outdoor space). For this reason, the BauBuche GL 70 beams were coated with a biocide-containing thin-layer varnish. The end grain was given additional impregnation and also lined with a three-layer board as a wearing layer.

For Schlag & Pröbstl, working with BauBuche was a positive experience, as Bernd Hannappel, the manager, confirmed:

"It was a steep learning curve. But building with beech laminated veneer lumber was a valuable experience for us and, most importantly, the end result is very attractive to look at."

The experience gained with BauBuche in the renovation of their own building means that the carpentry firm, based in Oberwesterwald, is now well equipped to use it in future projects for its clients.

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