BauBuche with a difference

Although BauBuche was developed primarily for use in timber construction, it is a highly versatile material that can be used in many other ways. We are always delighted to see the creative ways our customers put BauBuche to use, and we present some of their most exciting structures and creations here.

BauBuche artworks and everyday objects in brief

Salt, pepper and nutmeg mills: These pieces were lovingly fashioned by BauBuche fans with special attention given to the veneer layers: Dirk Bastian came up with the idea of hand-turning salt, pepper and nutmeg mills made from BauBuche (contact:
Sculpture                                This sculpture is the work of SIIMO SAS, GL70 to be machined quickly and precisely
Material BauBuche GL70 Beam, BauBuche S Board, BauBuche Panel

Present here your BauBuche projects!

You can submit your projects and products made using the new BauBuche material from Pollmeier here.


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