Pollmeier "Bend"

Bend Beech Timber:

  • Predominantly clear appearance
  • Clear cutting boards
  • Two-face cuttings
  • Vorderseitenansicht der Sortierung
  • Rückansicht der Sortierung
Vorderseitenansicht der Sortierung
Rückansicht der Sortierung
  • Presorted to width

    Well-assorted is half done. With Pollmeier beech timber.

    At Pollmeier, you get beech timber in consistent qualities graded according to specific applications – with the best value for the money for the production of your products. And this saves your money.

    Reduce scrap by using beech timber presorted widths

    As a standard, Pollmeier beech timber is supplied in random width. In order to reduce your waste factor, you can obtain Pollmeier beech timber presorted to width or ripped to width. This saves both, cost of materials and labour time. This service is available in Superior grades with the following dimensions:

    Grade Superior
    Lenghts 2.45 m / 3.05 m / 3.35 m
    more lengths on request
    Thickness 26 mm / (23.8 mm)
    32 mm / (29.5 mm)
    38 mm / (36.0 mm)
    52 mm / (48.5 mm)


    More beech timber grades and dimensions on request.

    Choose beech timber with the best width group
    for your dimension requirements from 6 width ranges:

    Ripped to width

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