Glass façade support structure and office partitions made from BauBuche

In the town centre of Bad Goisern (Austria), an ageing, dysfunctional solid structure has been replaced by a contemporary timber construction. On behalf of a local insurance company, a light and open building was created, which aims to reflect the transparent corporate culture in its design. The slender support structure made from BauBuche gives the building a transparent effect, which is further intensified by the glazed façade.

Versicherungsgebaeude Innen schraeg

Client BGV (Bad Goiserer Versicherung)
Location Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee (Austria)
Design/ draft raum² - Volker Höpfl
Timber construction/timber carpentry Scheutz Bau GmbH
Structural consultancy Merz, Kley & Partner
Carpentry firm Tischlerei Gassner
Planning  raum² - Volker Höpfl
Photographer Wolfgang Stadler
Area 154 m², BauBuche 3 m³
Material BauBuche Beam GL70
Completion 2015


The use of BauBuche was the only way to achieve the desired reduction in the support structure's cross-sections. A previously proposed solution of having another steel support structure behind the façade level was rejected for cost reasons, but mainly for design reasons. The use of standard glued laminated timber was also inconceivable with the intended transparent façade solution. The decision was therefore made to use BauBuche, which is employed in a range of different applications: As well as being used for the columns and beams for the façade, the beech laminated veneer lumber was also used for the discontinuous glass walls between the offices. The use of BauBuche made it possible to substantially reduce the cross-sections of both the beams and the columns compared to when using spruce glulam. The crucial factors here were, for the beams, primarily the higher flexural and shear strength of the BauBuche and, for the columns, its higher compressive strength and transverse compressive strength.

And BauBuche looks good too: The veneer layers act as a central design element that runs through the entire building as a recurring theme. The high surface quality of the construction means that there is no need for any additional cladding – the construction does not have to be "hidden" by retroactive cladding.
For the clients, the benefits of a timber construction are clear: On the one hand, construction using timber is a form of active climate protection, and saves resources and reduces CO2 emissions. On the other hand, it allows for short construction times: The walls, support structure and ceilings were fitted in just one day. And last but not least, the atmospheric and haptic qualities of a timber construction also have a long-lasting positive impact on employees and customers. Robert Scheutz and his firm were responsible for the on-site timber construction. He describes working with BauBuche as follows: "Our experiences were positive in all regards, and the expenditure involved in the transition to BauBuche was low".

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