WovenWoodWall by TU Braunschweig

Digital production of architectural components may sound futuristic, but is already perfectly feasible today. The potential of BauBuche in this respect has been closely examined in a research project at TU Braunschweig. The result: a Sixties style wall cladding.

WovenWoodWall in brief

Client Prof. Matthias Karch, IMD TU Braunschweig
Project supervisors Daniel Büning, IMD TU Braunschweig
Norbert Linda, HAWK Hildesheim
Renke Abels, HAWK Hildesheim
Dr. Markus Hudert, ITE TU Braunschweig
Implemented by Students at HAWK Hildesheim
Material BauBuche Panel

The "WovenWoodWall" combines retrospective with high-tech: even though the design is a homage to the Sixties, a whole lot of digital work has gone into this project. The aim was to investigate the potential of a digital planning and process chain comprising modelling, simulation and manufacture of components. For the partition wall, individual BauBuche modules were assembled using an invisible jointing method – this design permits multiple uncomplicated erection and removal of the screen.

The wall has self-supporting properties thanks to its special curvature, which means that there is no need for any additional anchoring. The BauBuche GL 70 used in the structure demonstrated high dimensional stability and minimal distortion both during and after the production process.

The project was conceived as a collaborative and interdisciplinary study by the IMD and HAWK Hildesheim with the aim of combining expertise in the fields of digital design techniques and CNC timber machining. Pollmeier supplied the required BauBuche raw materials for the project.

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