BauBuche door and frame

Wooden door without any glass can seem rather big and bulky, especially in darker tones. The frame of this door is made from solid BauBuche Panel. The door leaf is covered on both sides with transverse BauBuche Panel, while the edges are made of solid beechwood. The BauBuche Panel was stained concrete grey, allowing the individual veneer layers to remain visible. The surface of this exclusive interior door element plays with the light and perfectly fits into the room concept.

Door and frame in brief

Manufacturer Bernhard Nießing GmbH&Co.KG
in 46325 Borken-Gemenwirthe
Material BauBuche Panel

BauBuche has been used as a kitchen worktop, as flooring, table and chairs, office furniture, wall cladding, and even salt and pepper mills. Door-makers Bernhard Niessing give our BauBuche yet another function, namely an impressive combination of door and frame.
For this design, BauBuche Panel was chosen, and was treated with water-based "hydro stain" in concrete grey and white. The result is a wood door whose fine surface structure makes it much more than just a functional component. Rather it is a design element in which the individual veneers catch the eye, and which integrates perfectly into the room design as a whole.

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