Beech Briquettes

Beech briquettes have a significantly longer burning time than firewood. The alternative for open fireplaces and fireplace and tiled stoves.

High calorific value

of 5.0-5.2kWh/kg with long burning and glowing time

Made in Germany

from 100% beech saw dust/beech wood flour, without additives, from sustainable forestry. PEFC certified.

Suitable for

fireplaces, tile & stone stoves, as well as for barbecue & smoking, as no coniferous wood

CO2 neutral

protects the climate and uses local and renewable resources

< 0,9%

Minimal soot and ash formation

Contact for business

Udo Gärtner

T: +49 (0) 36926 945 788
M: +49 (0) 172 7998 361