Crane track girders in BauBuche

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“I think about timber – 24 hours a day!” says master carpenter Wilfried Hänsler. It was therefore only logical that his new carpentry workshop was to be built entirely in timber and wood-based materials. Even the two longitudinal crane track girders are made from this natural material: two 36 m long BauBuche girders with supports at distances of about 12 m run through the entire hall.




Architecture & timber construction

Zimmerei Hänsler and Schaffitzel Holzindustrie (production and supply of prefabricated hall support structure)

Support structure design (including construction drawings for building shell and timber construction)

Schaffitzel Holzindustrie, Schwäbisch Hall


29 m x 36 m = 1044 m²


11.3 m³ BauBuche GL70 beams (width: 24 cm, height: 56 cm, length: 36 m)


November 2016

"By opting for BauBuche, we were able to build a lean construction. The material is not only true to size, but also very hard. The additional costs for extra drill bits are a price we gladly pay."

A lot of the work for the new assembly hall was of course completed by the proprietor and client Zimmerei Hänsler. The pent roof is made from ridged roof girders in spruce glulam produced from Schaffitzel Holzindustrie. They are equipped with wedge elements so that a continuous band of windows lets ample light into the hall and makes it a bright and friendly space.

The crane bridge with a load capacity of 3.2 t runs on 36 m BauBuche girders with free spans of up to 12 m. The crane track girders are placed on timber supports fitted with 2 cm elastomer mounts for easy installation of the prefabricated elements. As the BauBuche girders are attached directly to the main posts, these mounts provide some vibration protection but do not significantly reduce noise. To prevent the girders from tipping under vertical load, they are anchored with bolts to the main posts. The crane bridge runs on welded steel T-rails bolted with partially threaded screws to the BauBuche girders.

As the proprietor Zimmerei Hänsler was determined to build its new assembly hall entirely in timber and timber-based materials, Schaffitzel Holzindustrie suggested using BauBuche for the crane track girders, as a conventional softwood glulam construction was not an option. Apart from insufficient strength, glulam would have suffered fatigue damage under the high dynamic load. Thanks to its exceptional strength properties, BauBuche is well able to withstand such stress. The material is generally suitable for constructions where high dynamic load are a major issue, such as for instance in temporary buildings, belfries or structures in areas prone to earthquakes.

The high strength properties of BauBuche also made it possible to construct door supports with reasonable cross-sections.

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