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Pollmeier Visualisierung Buero


Exceptional strength, outstanding surface quality and economical production technologies are what set BauBuche apart. Ideal for timber construction, interior design, furniture and flooring.

Pollmeier Schnittholz Lager


Pollmeier supplies beech lumber in consistent quality grades to suit different applications – with the best value for money for the manufacture of your products. This saves you real money.

Pollmeier Buche Wald


We source our timber from sustainably and ecologically managed local forests – PEFC-certified for your reassurance.

Showcasing BauBuche

Key elements of this high-tech material explained in 69 seconds:

  • Production process
  • Properties
  • Areas of application

BauBuche - the perfect embodiment of sustainability, innovation, aesthetics and cost-efficiency.

european beechwood

European beech

How does European Beech compare to North American Hardwoods? Find out more about german hardwood vs. North American forest species!

AEC Course with Pollmeier

AEC Online Course

Discusses the benefits of using more wood, not less, to lower carbon emissions and tackle climate change, and identifies what sustainable hardwood species are the most abundant and where some of the best managed, certified hardwood forests are located.