BauBuche Flooring

A revolutionary development in wooden floors. BauBuche Flooring by Pollmeier is a natural wooden floor that shows properties which exceed anything that conventional wooden floors, hybrid products or imitations have to offer. The surface of BauBuche Flooring is telling us the story of its genesis. With only razor thin glued joints in between the veneer layers are precisely strung and snuggled to one another. The interplay of the iridescent tonal values and the calm texture of the beech wood give BauBuche Flooring a unique visual appearance. BauBuche Flooring unites the best properties from two worlds: the aesthetics and the quality of its surface combined with the efficiency of a high-tech material manufactured from beech wood.

Reasons for choosing BauBuche Flooring:

  • Ideal for offices, public buildings, sports halls and in the home
  • Neutral, timeless appearance
  • Calm texture
  • Warm underfoot
  • Odourless
  • Helps to create pleasing acoustics
  • PEFC certified (PEFC/04-31-1212)


  • euregon AG - Bürogebäude in Skelettbauweise aus BauBuche von Pollmeier
  • Fußboden aus Holz (BauBuche Pollmeier)
  • BauBuche flooring in the hotel and former Hochstrass convent
  • Farbsortierungen des BauBuche Bodens
euregon AG - Bürogebäude in Skelettbauweise aus BauBuche von Pollmeier
Fußboden aus Holz (BauBuche Pollmeier)
BauBuche flooring in the hotel and former Hochstrass convent
Farbsortierungen des BauBuche Bodens
  • Concrete benefits of BauBuche Flooring

    • BauBuche uses local raw materials from sustainable forests with PEFC certification.
    • BauBuche is beneficial both to the environment and people because at its source in the forest it produces oxygen and binds CO2.
    • Applying precise engineering technology, BauBuche preserves the morphology and strength of the natural wood.
    • BauBuche is versatile in many different applications, from solid wood flooring
      to furniture construction and panels and beams for the building in timber.
    • BauBuche is distinguished by its veneer layer precision and exceptional surface quality.
    • BauBuche revitalized the possibilities of laminated veneer lumber with top-quality aesthetics and unmatched strength. High-tech production and economic usage
      of material result in the cost effective end product BauBuche.
    • BauBuche Flooring Elements are very robust and extremely hard (Brinell hardness HB = 38,2 N/mm²). Compared to conventional solid wood floors, the shrinkage is reduced by fifty per cent. Thanks to its durability and easy-care nature, because it is warm underfoot and odorless, and last but not least, because it has beautiful resonance BauBuche Flooring will remain intrinsically valuable for a long time.
    • And even the requirement for environmentally-friendly production is fulfilled: BauBuche Flooring is produced with state-of-the-art energy and material-efficient technology from a regionally grown and certified resource.
  • Applications of BauBuche Flooring

    BauBuche Flooring Elements come with an all around tongue and groove connection system. The precisely formatted, true to size wood elements offer various advantages in the flooring. They can be glued directly on screed (both thicknesses, 14,2 mm and 20,2 mm) as well as nailed or screwed onto appropriate subconstructions (20,2 mm thickness only).

    BauBuche Flooring can be laid in virtually all environments such as apartments, kindergartens, schools, museums, offices and public buildings, shops or even gymnasiums. End-users can seal the surface with environmentally safe hard wax oil or varnishes. BauBuche Flooring will be delivered unfinished, not puttied and square-edged.

  • BauBuche Flooring Elements

    Long flooring element
    (calm appearance, rectangular laying)
    surface not sanded, not puttied, square-edged

    Size of elements*

    2200 mm x 112 mm x 20,2 mm

    2200 mm x 112 mm x 14,2 mm

    Installation: glue onto screed (both thicknesses, 14,2 mm and 20,2 mm), nail or screw onto plywood boards or flooring sleepers (20,2 mm thickness only).

    * dimensioning subject to technical alterations

    BauBuche Boden - Langes Bodenelement
    BauBuche Boden - Langes Bodenelement

    Long flooring element

  • BauBuche Flooring - Tender Texts

    BauBuche Flooring

    Long flooring element, 2200 mm x 112 mm x 20,2 mm, unfinished, sharp edges, not puttied, not sanded

    Long flooring element, 2200 mm x 112 mm x 14,2 mm, unfinished, sharp edges, not puttied, not sanded

  • Proof of origin

    PEFC proof of origin

    We are buying our logs exclusively from forests, which are managed in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way - a forestry, which at the same time allows for logging, environmental protection and recreational use and thus makes sure that our forests with all their vital functions are preserved for future generations.
    PEFC-certified for your reassurance.

    PEFC - what is that?

    PEFC certification is a transparent and independent control system for safeguarding a sustainable and thus exemplary forest cultivation. All forest owners may participate voluntarily. PEFC is also a monitoring system for proof of origin: from certified forests via the wood processing companies to the finished product on the shelf. With a certified forest area of over 200 million hectares, PEFC is the world’s most widespread forestry seal. Since the foundation of PEFC Germany in 1999, over 7 million hectares have been certified – about two-thirds of Germany’s total forest area. The most important standards are: promotion of mixed species forestry in accordance with local conditions; ban on clear-cutting; non-use of herbicides. Independent certifying companies monitor the observance of these requirements at regular intervals.

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