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BauBuche Musterbox

BauBuche sample box

BauBuche Board is suitable for:

• Bar-shaped components
  (BauBuche S & GL70)
• Flat supporting elements 
  (BauBuche Q)
• Lengths: up to 18 m
• High load-bearing strength




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BauBuche Musterbox PaneelBauBuche Panel sample box

BauBuche Panel is suitable for:

• Table-tops
• Sturdy work surfaces
• Ceiling and wall cladding
• Stairs
• Elegant wood flooring


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BauBuche Musterbox BauBuche Flooring sample box

Reasons for choosing BauBuche Flooring:

• Ideal for offices, public buildings, sports halls and in the home
• Neutral, timeless appearance
• Calm texture
• Warm underfoot
• Odourless
• Helps to create pleasing acousti


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