Pollmeier Beech lumber

Why choose Pollmeier?

  • Europe's largest hardwood producer and world market leader for beech timber
  • Highly automated, efficient industry production designed to meet the most stringent quality requirements
  • Optimised drying process guarantees low-stress wood and uniform colouring
  • Calibrated boards thanks to pre-sanding
  • Flat sawn timber ensures optimal year ring presentation
  • 17 application-oriented grades
  • International sales and contact partners around the world
  • Fast and reliable delivery

Who we are, how we operate and what we believe in - find out more about Pollmeier here!

The Company

FSH Werk von Pollmeier mit Firmenlogo
FSH Werk von Pollmeier mit Firmenlogo

Why choose beechwood?

  • Around the world this is the most readily available type of hardwood from sustainable forests
  • Long-term price stability
  • Good processing properties
  • Excellent surface quality due to the closed-pore wood structure
  • Light, uniform colouring
  • Ideal for staining

Read on to find out more about beechwood and its properties:

The Beech

Junge Blätter einer Buche
Junge Blätter einer Buche

Which grade is best for me?

Our technical sales staff will be happy to advise you on site wherever you are in the world. Our consultation service not only takes your end products into account, but also your production processes. Together with you, we identify the beech timber grade which offers you the best value for money.

You will find an overview of Pollmeier grades here.

The assortment
Pollmeier Schnittholz
Pollmeier Schnittholz

What about sustainability?

  • All of Pollmeier's products come from sustainable forestry; all the timber is felled legally and is subject to state controls.
  • Our wood is PEFC-certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes)

Read on to find out more about sustainability at Pollmeier and for an overview of the most important certification systems:


Das Buchenholz der Firma Pollmeier
Das Buchenholz der Firma Pollmeier