"SittingBox" design furniture made from BauBuche Panel

A piece of furniture which adapts to its surroundings, which plays with the light, which stands proud and then blends into the background – that is the idea behind "SittingBox".

"SittingBox" in detail:

Architect / Designer Alberto Alessi, Zürich CH
Carpentry firm Karl Heinz Gasser, kaufmann zimmerei und tischlerei, Reuthe AT
Material BauBuche Panel 300x60x2 cm (0.036 m3, 1.8 m2)
Other materials Wool felt, beech plywood

The design comes from the Italian architect Alberto Alessi who is based in Zurich and who, in addition to his design work, is also active as a lecturer, critic and curator.

The Sitting Box comprises a stool construction made of BauBuche Panel which can be transformed into a chair or armchair in seconds by adding a back and armrests. The materials, colours, form and dimensions can be freely selected and exchanged. Whilst the vibrant colour design gives the Sitting Box a lightweight and playful impression, it has a high-tech heart.

This is thanks in part to the material used: BauBuche Panel is produced using a completely new process at the Pollmeier laminated veneer lumber plant in Creuzburg, Germany. The beech logs are boiled and peeled with millimetre precision, and glued to form laminated veneer lumber under pressure.

And in part to the production technology: The individual parts of the basic structure are milled from a single panel whereby the use of IT-supported control technology also enables highly precise and complex forms to be realised.

The combination of high-quality material and a design tailored to this results in an exceptional piece of furniture: Depending on how the light falls and where the observer is standing, the appearance of the Sitting Box changes constantly and adapts to its surroundings time and time again.

The Sitting Box was produced at the Kaufmann carpentry firm by the master carpenter Karlheinz Gasser. He couldn't be more impressed by the properties of BauBuche Panel: "The fine and vital structure of BauBuche creates a truly inspired look. What's more, its hard surface means it is predestined for withstanding heavy stresses."

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