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Pollmeier COMPONENTS // Solid Beech

Hardwood manufacturers worldwide are facing a tough price competition. As material costs are their biggest cost item, they are constantly searching for potential savings in this cost area.

We at Pollmeier understand that our products need to offer a real cost advantage. Therefore we have developed a new product that supports our customers to save costs and focus on their core business:
Pollmeier COMPONENTS // Solid Beech.

Pollmeier COMPONENTS // Solid Beech are our cut-to-size parts. They are manufactured exclusively with beech wood from sustainably managed forests. They are lightly steamed and carefully kiln dried to 7-9%. Our solid wood components are cut to exact length and width and calibrated for thickness.

To sum it up: Pollmeier COMPONENTS are ready to use and ready to save costs.

Ready to use - Ready to save costs

  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Reduced production costs
  • No double storage
  • No machinery investment and maintenance 
  • No double import cost
  • No waste to take care of 

= 30% average cost savings 

The right grades and dimensions for you

We offer our COMPONENTS // Solid Beech in two different grades.
All grades can be ordered in various dimensions, starting with very short and narrow COMPONENTS up to high lengths and wide widths.

  • Which sorting are available?

    • AAA

    • CCC

    AAA (4 sides clear)

    • Almost flawless appearance

    • Characteristics of natural wood sporadically permitted, i.e. pin knots

    • Suitable for all visible applications, i.e. mouldings, stile+rail, furniture and frame parts, slatted frames, edge-glued panels, partitions, drawers

  • Which standard dimensions are available?

    Overview – COMPONENTS // Solid Beech standard dimensions:

    Thicknesses (invoiced thickness): 23.8 mm (26mm)
    Tolerances: Thickness: ±0.3 mm calibration tolerance | Width: ±0.5 mm | Length: ±1 mm per 1m

  • Unedged lumber vs COMPONENTS

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    save up to 30% with COMPONENTS // Solid Beech.
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    "Instead of two containers of lumber, you now only
    need to order one container COMPONENTS // Solid Beech. 
    It's that simple."

    Ralf Pollmeier
    Ralf Pollmeier
    Ralf Pollmeier

    Ralf Pollmeier - Founder of Pollmeier Massivholz