Bench and dining table

For many people, the sitting area in their kitchen is where everything happens: planning family holidays, baking cakes, doing homework, raising a glass on birthdays and anniversaries, playing board games and, most important of all, enjoying meals together on a regular basis. Clearly, then, this calls for some sturdy furniture. Thanks to BauBuche, utility can be perfectly combined with great looks.

Bench and dining table in brief

Material: BauBuche Panel
Made By: Holz Hahn GmbH in 47800 Krefeld-Gartenstadt
Photography: Tobias Kromke

A beautiful surface that will stand up to heavy use, and looks so good that you will not want to cover it up with a tablecloth. That's what BauBuche offers. The fine veneer layers create a refreshingly different look, while table, bench and stools combine to form a harmonious ensemble.
In this way, timber offers a natural yet hard-wearing material with the versatility to suit any room design by using different stains.
Table, bench and stool were made by the timber specialists Holz Hahn. A similar set can be seen in the kitchen of Pollmeier's sales office in Munich.

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