Villa in Bergamo

Contemporary timber construction with beautiful ribbed ceiling

Villa in Bergamo in detail

Proprietor private
Location Bergamo, Italy
Design/architect Giovanni Cucini, Studio Rame Architetture
Structural design

Ing. Fornalè, Studio Fornalè

Timber construction CM Timber
Photographer Studio Rame Architetture
Completion 2017

For the extension of a villa, architect Giovanni Cucini of Studio Rame Architetture designed a contemporary timber construction. All its load-bearing elements are made in BauBuche and left exposed. The eye-catching ribbed ceiling consisting of BauBuche GL70 carries a green roof. Although the beams measure only 50 x 320 mm, there is virtually no deformation. The ceiling boards are made from BauBuche Q panels. The two sides of the extension facing the city are of a glass construction. The interior of the new building is of simple elegance and dominated by the beautiful hardwood finish of BauBuche that extends across the BauBuche floor. Giovanni Cucini thus created rooms of perfect harmony.

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