echoWAVE cabin

In May 2015 the "echoWAVE" cabin was exhibited at the Grand Designs Live show in London. Its stand-out feature is that the floor, kitchen suite and seating are all made from BauBuche. The different colours of the individual floor panels bring the living space strikingly to life.

echoWAVE in brief

Design Sam Boothe
Implementation echoLIVING for the „echoWAVE“-Cabin
Material BauBuche Panel and BauBuche Flooring
Presentation Grand Designs Live show, London,  in May 2015

BauBuche is a material that is ideal for furnishing kitchens and living areas, and equally for flooring. It opens up exciting possibilities in terms of colour and shape without detracting from the relaxing feel of the space. An excellent example was provided by the new "echoWAVE", a portable eco cabin created by echoLIVING, which was exhibited at the Grand Designs Live show in London in May 2015.
For the interior, BauBuche was chosen both as a design element in the kitchenette and for the seating in the living area. In both cases, the individual veneer layers of the BauBuche are clearly visible and lend the room a homogeneous concept that is taken up in the flooring. A single colour of BauBuche was used for the floor in the kitchenette, while the living space features different shades for the individual floor boards, thus creating a visual division between the two areas.
The echoWAVE eco cabin was hand-made in Scotland using high-quality, innovative materials and exhibited for the first time at the Grand Designs Live show in London in 2015.

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