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In interior design, and stair design in particular, the use of BauBuche Panel can create exciting highlights. Both the stair construction and the banister can be designed using beech laminated veneer lumber. Various application possibilities from our customers are set out below:


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BauBuche Panel 30 and 35 mm

The cantilever bolted stairway which is not supported by the railing was made using BauBuche Panel steps measuring 60 mm in thickness. Edging made from BauBuche Panel was applied to the front edge of the steps meaning that the line effect which is characteristic of BauBuche can be seen on both the tread and front edges of the steps. The railing posts and handrails were also made of BauBuche Panel and completed with Panel edging. The stainless steel bolts and rails match the warm shade of the oiled BauBuche perfectly and give the stairway a modern, timeless look.

This stairway stands out thanks to its striking and modern design. The steps and stringers were made from BauBuche Q Board with a thickness of 40 mm and finished on both sides with a white HPL coating (Xtreme from Pfleiderer). The deep-matt white of the surfaces is elegantly broken up by the oiled side faces of the BauBuche. With their warm beech shade and characteristic line effect, the side faces create an exciting optical highlight and almost appear as if they are floating in the room. As such, stair designer Jörn Brenscheidt was able to lend this puristic stairway a natural and robust look.

Example: Configuration of concrete stairs in zig zag design
with a thickness of 35 mm, cheek walls on the wall side and an internal stainless steel crossbar railing as well as a storage space solution made from white furniture board as a shutter cabinet and inspection door.

José Reis de Matos is particularly impressed by the attractive look of BauBuche and its excellent strength properties – offering great value for money. His customers are equally enthusiastic: more than half of his latest contract jobs were completed in beech laminated veneer lumber, replacing oak and other previously popular materials. Although certain specific instructions with regard to storage, the use of tools and glued joints need to be observed, José Reis de Matos would not hesitate to recommend BauBuche.

Example: Joinery company Schreinerei Reim from Anzing, Bavaria, has chosen to use BauBuche Panel at its own premises as the surface for the foldaway stairs and for the flight of stairs in the office building. Other projects by Schreinerei Reim can be found here.

Example: An upper level, open stringer staircase, bolted to one side, with a thickness of 60 mm, featuring a glass gallery and a stainless steel crossbar railing to the ceiling.

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