New headquarters of MIBA AG

Product: BauBuche

Tradition and identity, innovation and confidence in the future – these are the pillars of the corporate philosophy of the MIBA AG, which inspired the design of its new headquarters. The building is essentially a reinterpretation of the traditional Vierkanthof or square farm and thus reflects the values of the company while meeting all functional requirements for a place of open communication and the exchange of ideas as befits a global corporation.



Dr. Mitterbauerstrasse 3, 4663 Laakirchen (Austria)

Timber construction
Structural engineering of concrete construction
Structural engineering of timber construction

Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Stingl


8989 m²



"Our design of the new MIBA headquarters is really a reinterpretation of the square farm typical for the region. For this project, we decided to use new, innovative materials, and BauBuche proved the ideal material for the exposed roof supporting construction. Thanks to the high strength of BauBuche, it was possible to design the exposed support frame construction, purlins and rafters with cross-sections that are roughly half those needed with conventional spruce glulam. The slender elements and their attractive finish give the construction an air of lightness and comfort. The distinct look of BauBuche with its fine veneer line pattern perfectly fits our contemporary interior design and goes well with the other materials we used in this project"
DI Gerhard Gölles, Senior Project Manager
Delugan Meissl Associated Architects
"As a structural engineer, I know all about the constraints posed by the strength properties of conventional glulam. I was therefore delighted by the new opportunities offered by Pollmeier's beech laminated veneer lumber. The MIBA project in Laakirchen, Austria, is a great example here: With strengths that are two to three times higher than those of conventional glulam, we were able to reduce cross-sections and come up with an exceptionally elegant timber construction. Using steel plates and bolts to connect the beech elements, we achieved compact joining geometries that further enhance the aesthetics of the building. As a structural engineer specialising in timber constructions, I loved working with this new material!"
Dipl.-Ing. Helmut, Responsible for timber construction engineering
lecturer at TU Graz

The building consists of a reinforced concrete section that includes the underground storeys, the ground floor and the continuous parapet of the upper floors. The roof construction is made of BauBuche and rests on pillars supported by the floor of the first storey. In the area of the main entrance and stairwell, the roof supports extend to ground floor level. The roof supporting framework, purlins and rafters in BauBuche are exposed across the entire upper floor and form the dominating interior design feature. These BauBuche elements are left untreated and thus appear in their natural beauty.

The various functional spaces of the building are arranged over two floors around a centre courtyard. The areas dedicated to “Meeting and cooperation”, “Technology” and “Learning and growing” are situated on the ground floor together with the visitor and customer service areas.

They are connected by an exhibition zone where the MIBA Group showcases its projects and achievements. This zone runs around the entire courtyard. The airy space above the foyer links the ground level with the multi-functional office floor, which is divided into private and open-plan offices as well as shared working spaces, and can be reconfigured as needs change.

Seen from the street, the main features of the building are the rendered outer wall and the tiled roof, whereby continuous rows of windows separate the wall from the ground and the roof from the rest of the construction. Ceramic fins in front of the glazing elements incorporated into the pitched roof emphasise the clear horizontal lines of the overall roof design. The architectural design incorporates various levels of transparency, from the enclosing wall to the open courtyard.

In front of the building, we find a wild nature garden that visually links the new construction to the existing site and especially the MIBA Academy and its period buildings in which MIBA was first founded. Large spaces planted with trees invite people to take a stroll and enjoy a well-deserved break, while the orchard meadows pick up on a dominating feature of the surrounding landscape.

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