Three-hinged frame construction in BauBuche Q boards

Product: BauBuche

Batirwood based in France specialises in the construction of industrial and agricultural halls. The company now swears by BauBuche, and has substituted spruce with the new material in its designs.



Sci des quatres arbres / P. Colin


Les Sœurs Grises, 80310 Hangest sur somme

Project planning

Batirwood Mr. Cordonnier Benoit / DSB engineers

Timber construction

Batirwood, 14 rue de la 2ème DB – 80000 Amiens

Frame span

32.8 m

Frame height

14,35 m

Roof overhang

5 m

Transverse struts

24 struts of 6 m, 2 struts of 5 m

Hall crane

payload 10 t


6709.64 m²


280 m³ for frame construction and 140 m³ for roof supporting structure


Batirwood / My Drone Service

"I have been using LVL in my constructions since 1986. Everything changed however with the introduction of BeauBuche whose outstanding physical properties now enable us to realise buildings of an exceptionally high technical standard. We have adapted our tools to suit the new material and treat the raw beams and panels with fungicide, insecticide and wood preservative. Our constructions in BauBuche are truly innovative, as we combine the quality of an industrial structure with a high-strength product. With this unique material and our professional expertise and experience, we are able to design buildings that will stand the test of time."
Benoit Cordonnier, Engineer
"I wanted to make sure that our new building would reflect our corporate philosophy of social responsibility and sustainability. This meant that I always wanted a timber construction. After Batirwood told me about BauBuche laminated veneer lumber, my mind was made up. Not only is the hardwood sourced locally, but it also has the strength properties required for our design."
Philippe Colin, Proprietor
Philippe Colin

Batirwood engineer Benoit Cordonnier used BauBuche for the three-hinged frames, columns and struts. By opting for BauBuche Q boards with 20% cross-plies, the rigid corners of the three-hinged frames could be constructed with dowels arranged in a circle. The cross-plies in the BauBuche Q boards significantly reduce the risk that the timber is split by the pin fasteners.

With this innovative construction, Batirwood is able to offer a highly cost-effective solution, as there is no need for extra columns. Thanks to the excellent strength properties of BauBuche, the material allows for much slimmer cross-sections than would be possible with conventional spruce LVL.

While the main girders taper off towards the roof ridge, the columns become slimmer towards the ground. As the cross-sections of the BauBuche material make sure that the cut fibres in the tapering elements do not lose any of their stability, it is possible to construct beams of any shape, thus minimising waste.
All elements of the construction could be machined without problems in the company’s workshop. Using suitable tools, the screws were inserted without pre-drilling. Prior to screwing the BauBuche elements, they were glued together with a one-component adhesive.

For Benoit Cordonnier, beech laminated veneer lumber has many advantages: apart from the excellent strength properties, the engineer is particularly impressed by the unique look and finish of the material, and came up with the term “BeauBuche”, incorporating the French word for “beautiful” into the product name.

The proprietor Philippe Colin of Témoignage is equally excited about the new construction that will soon serve as a storage facility for his next miscanthus harvest, a high-yield energy crop.


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