Pollmeier's history – The story of a successful company.

How our family-owned company has achieved a track record of successful growth from its establishment in 1988 through today.

The Pollmeier history - success at every step

1988 – Foundation of Pollmeier Leimholz GmbH

Production of edge-glued panels sourcing timber (spruce, pine, beech, oak and alder) from sawmills.

1996 – Official opening of Creuzburg sawmill

Quality issues (hue/humidity of timber) with the existing suppliers lead Pollmeier to set up its own sawmill.

1997 – Fast expansion of production

Beech turns from firewood to trendy wood.

2000 – Pollmeier becomes shareholder of Hanses Sägewerkstechnik GmbH & Co.KG

Pollmeier's know-how helps advance sawing technology.

2000 – Start of production at second sawmill in Malchow

The sawing capacity is around 300,000 solid cubic metres of round wood.

2001 – Pollmeier acquires a stake in Thaler & Pacher GmbH

The Austrian company specialises in control technology.

2001 – Opening of new administrative offices in Creuzburg

2001 – Expansion of global sales network

Pollmeier opens sales offices in Poland, China and the USA.

2005 – Expansion of production capacity at Creuzburg plant

2007 – Production start-up at third Pollmeier sawmill in Aschaffenburg

Pollmeier becomes one of the largest hardwood sawmill operators worldwide.

2011 – Closure of Malchow sawmill due to insufficient log timber supply

2013 – Construction of first laminated veneer lumber (LVL) plant for hardwood in Creuzburg

2014 – Launch of "BauBuche" beech laminated veneer lumber

2016 – Reopening of Malchow sawmill

2019 – Launch of "Spruce LVL" at LVL plant in Creuzburg

2019 – Launch of "Pollmeier COMPONENTS" solid beech cut-to-size lumber

Pollmeier starts the production of Pollmeier COMPONENTS at the cut-to-size line at Aschaffenburg plant.

2021 – Pollmeier becomes owner of Hanses Sägewerkstechnik GmbH & Co.KG

"Hanses Sägewerkstechnik GmbH & Co.KG" is renamed to "Pollmeier Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG".

2021 – Expansion of production capacity at Aschaffenburg plant

Pollmeier invests 30 million Euros in "Pollmeier COMPONENTS".