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Pollmeier Leimholz GmbH is a producer of edge-glued panels for the German and European furniture industry.

PEFCEdge-glued panels made from normal and redheart beech from Pollmeier

Pollmeier Leimholz GmbH produces edge-glued panel and was established in 1987 in Rietberg, Westphalia, the home of the German furniture industry. Pollmeier quickly established itself as a valued partner of solid timber machining factories and companies producing solid or semi-solid wood furniture. Initially, the plant processed only softwood, followed by American red alder and white oak. Today, Pollmeier Leimholz GmbH specialises exclusively in panels made from beech lumber.


Pollmeier Rietberg

Rüschfeld 131

33397 Rietberg


Tel.: +49 (0) 5244 92050