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Can I apply without an email address?
No. You need a valid email address to create a candidate profile and complete your application. You will also receive important information regarding your application by email. Please make sure that the mail address is not already stored in our system.
Can I apply in another way, outside the portal (by mail, by e-mail, etc.)?
All applications are processed via our online portal. It is therefore essential for your application that you log in to it. Applications submitted via other channels will be accepted, but you will be asked to activate your candidate profile in our portal at a later stage and to enter all the necessary data. If you do not do this, we will unfortunately not be able to consider your application further. Therefore, please use our online portal for your application right from the start.
I tried to apply but was notified that I have already applied for this position. How is this possible?

We may have previously posted the job and you may have submitted your application at that time.
Please log in and check your application status by clicking on the "Job Applications" tab within your account under "Job Management". If this response was not helpful, please contact us at:

During my application, I closed the website. How do I finish my application now?
You can log in to your account again using your email address and the password you set when you created your account. This information should also have been sent to you via email. Then click on the "Job applications" tab under "Job administration" to check whether your application was sent successfully. If not, select the job you wish to apply for, then click on the "Apply" button and fill in all the required fields.
How can I add a cover page to my application?
You can either combine the cover page with your cover letter before uploading it or upload it as a single file under "Other documents".
An employee of Pollmeier recruited me. Should I mention this in my application?
Yes, during your application you will be asked how you heard about the job and who recommended it. Please enter the name of the person in question so that we can include this in our "Employees recruit employees" program.
How can I check if you have received my application?
After submitting your application, you should receive a confirmation of receipt by email promptly, after 24 hours at the latest. In addition, you can view the status of your application within your account under "Job administration" under the "Job applications" tab.
How can I change my contact information (phone number, address, email address, etc.) later?
Log in to your account and click on "My Profile" to view and change your contact information. Please make sure that your data is correct, as we will use it to contact you.
I have applied for a job at your company. Will I also receive feedback if I am not considered for the position?
Regarding your application, you will normally receive feedback from us within 2 weeks. You can also check the status of your application at any time by logging into your account and clicking on the "Job applications" tab under "Job management".
Previous applications were unfortunately unsuccessful. How can I improve my chances?
Please ensure that your documents are complete (cover letter, curriculum vitae, certifications). Your curriculum vitae should be in tabular form and without gaps. Your references should also include all relevant certificates/diplomas. Since our requirements vary depending on the position, you may not have been the best candidate for us for one position, but your profile could be a very good fit for another position.
Will travel expenses for my interview be covered?
Reasonable travel expenses will be covered by our side. This normally includes travel expenses in form of a kilometer allowance, but not the cost of an overnight stay. Please communicate this in advance.
How can I find out about future job opportunities?
You can subscribe to our Job Alert using the following link. To do so, simply log into your account and click on "Saved searches/notifications" under "Job management". Use the existing filter options to set and activate your job alert individually. We will inform you regularly by email about new jobs at Pollmeier.
How do I deactivate my job alert?
Log in to your account and click on "Saved searches/alerts" under "Job management". There you delete all created job alerts to stop being informed by email.
I have created an account, but I cannot log in. What can I do?
Click "Forgot your password?" below the login window and enter your email address. If you have created an account under this email address, you will receive an email with a link to access your account. Otherwise, you will be informed that the email address is not linked to an account in our system. In this case, please create an account.
I cannot create an account.
Before you can complete the creation of an account, you must read and accept our privacy policy. To do this, click the "Read and accept the privacy policy" link and click "Accept" at the bottom of the window. Please make sure to disable your popup blocker, otherwise our privacy policy may not be displayed.
I have a technical problem with my application. What can I do?

Please make sure to disable your popup blocker, otherwise some functions of the system might be suppressed, e.g. uploading documents might be prevented. If the problem still persists below, please

contact: jobs@pollmeier.com

I tried to create an account but was notified that it already exists. How can I apply?
The email address you tried to register with already exists in our system. Please click "Forgot your password?" to request a new password. This will be sent to your email address. Please use this method to log in to your already existing account. It is not necessary to create a new account.
I work for a recruiting agency. How can I contact Pollmeier?

Please contact us directly at: jobs@pollmeier.com

Advice for architects, engineers, commercial builders and timber construction:

+49 (0)36926 945-560 baubuche@pollmeier.com

Advice on timber, BauBuche and for Pollmeier LVL:

+49 (0)36926 945-163


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