Beam BauBuche GL75

BauBuche GL75 is made from parallel-laminated 40 mm BauBuche S veneer boards. Thanks to its exceptional strength and stiffness, BauBuche GL75 is the ideal material for slender and elegant constructions and wide spans combined with high loads.
BauBuche GL75 beams can also be installed so that its veneer layers are aligned vertically.
BauBuche beams are sanded at the factory and therefore ideal for exposed applications.

The green alternative to reinforced concrete posts

  • ​​​​​​Compressive strength like concrete C50/60 
  • Same column cross-sections as reinforced concrete 

  • Significantly smaller column cross-sections than softwood 

  • 66% lower dead weight than reinforced concrete  

  • Sustainable and ecological building material 

  • High surface quality 

  • Locally sourced raw material from sustainably managed forests 

  • euregon AG - Bürogebäude in Skelettbauweise aus BauBuche von Pollmeier
  • euregon AG - Bürogebäude in Skelettbauweise aus BauBuche von Pollmeier
euregon AG - Bürogebäude in Skelettbauweise aus BauBuche von Pollmeier
euregon AG - Bürogebäude in Skelettbauweise aus BauBuche von Pollmeier
  • Available Dimensions for Beam BauBuche GL75

  • Lower material consumption

    The superior strength and stiffness of BauBuche allows smaller cross-sections, which in turn means major savings in material consumption. The dimensioning of a structure is determined by various properties, depending on the particular application. In the case of single-span beams, deformation (stiffness) is generally the key factor, whereas with continuous beams, it is bending strength or shear strength; and with columns and frameworks, it is compressive and tensile strength. The table opposite shows the amount of material saved by using GL28 glued laminated timber, spruce laminated veneer lumber and BauBuche GL75 respectively, in comparison with C24 solid wood (normal construction timber).

    This is based on the following assumptions:

    • Use in service class 1
    • Load-duration class: medium-term
    • Uniform cross-sectional height of 300 mm
    • Calculation according to EN 1995-1-1.

    BauBuche Comparison










    As on 2014

  • Tender texts

    BauBuche S Beam
    Beech laminated veneer lumber made from parallel veneer, surfaces sanded (grade 80); top finish for industrial exposed applications, bottom finish for non-exposed applications; saw-cut and bevelled edges; glued with phenolic resin, with visible splice joints; thickness tolerance +/- 1 mm, according to manufacturer specifications.

    Thickness:  mm
    Width:  mm
    Length:  mm
    Quantity:  pcs

    Beam BauBuche GL75 
    Glulam made from beech laminated veneer lumber made from parallel veneers, glued with phenolic resin; surfaces and edges sanded (grade 80); edges bevelled, with visible splice joints; conforming to ETA-14/0354.

    Thickness:   mm
    Width:   mm
    Length:   mm
    Camber:  mm
    Quantity:   pcs

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